What is it like to ride on an indoor velodrome?

After USA Cycling Junior and Elite Track Nationals at the Velo Sports Center in Carson, Calif., we couldn’t help but take a spin on the largest indoor velodrome in the United States.

But first, you have to get certified in order to ride on this wooden track, an official Olympic training site.

Velo Sports Center’s Rich Kemp and Clipped In’s Sarah Muench take an inside look at the Velo Sports Center certification and what it’s like to “hit the boards.” Check it:

Velo Sports Center facts & figures:

  • The Velo Sports Center is the first and only permanent indoor track of international standard in North America.
  • The Velo Sports Center is a national training center for USA Cycling and is the home track of USA World Champion Sarah Hammer.
  • 2,450-seat capacity
  • 250-meter international size track
  • Approximately 33 miles of Siberian Pine were used to create the track
  • Track circumference at measuring line: 250 meters
  • Track width: Seven meters
  • Maximum inclination: 45 degrees
  • Maximum speed on track: about 53 mph (85 km/h)

Photo by Vincent Liu