Honda reveals new car with cyclists in mind

Honda is gearing up to launch a new car in the market specifically with cyclists in mind.

The new Civic Tourer “Active Life Concept” includes trunk space with a loading rack capable of transporting two bicycles along with a retractable arm which can be extended from the rack, making maintenance and repairs easier.

Other maintenance accessories include a built in integrated air pump, a large light located on the tailgate, an extended shade area and a retractable bench.


Cyclists will also get features like a toolbox, bottle holder, water tank and a front wheel holder, which are all integrated within the trunk side lining. A roof box comes with the car to accommodate essential cycling accessories such as shoes and helmets.

It gets monster fuel effiency too – the car set a new Guinness World Record for fuel economy with 100 miles per gallon on an 8,000-mile trip.

The model will be on display in Germany at the Frankfurt Motor Show Sept. 15-16.