Fractured Prune Doughnuts to hand up at CX race

It could be the hand up that ends a cyclocross race.

Fresh, fluffy Fractured Prune doughnuts would make any rider want to pull over to eat more or race at lightning speed for a second round.

Doughnuts for Race Around the Farm

On Dec. 5, the made-to-order doughnut shop will hand up doughnuts to riders and hand out samples to spectators at Cranky Cross’ Race Around the Farm in Gilbert.

“We’re looking forward to fueling riders with deliciousness to send them off to victory,” said Mark Prygocki, owner of Fractured Prune Arizona.

Race Around the Farm organizer Mark Bibbey tasted a test hand-up doughnut at Fractured Prune and cried tears of joy.

“I was immediately hooked and entered their doughnut eating contest right then and there,” Bibbey said. “It will be a race you don’t want to miss.”

Clipped In registration promo code and doughnut coupon

Clipped In is offering a promo code – ClippedIn (case sensitive) – for women who enter Race Around the Farm. Bibbey said men who use the code will be ridiculed at the start line.

Details and registration

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