How you can help support cycling during COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has brought significant challenges to our nation and cycling community at all levels.

In addition to the serious impacts of the virus on public health, many companies and organizations are facing serious hardship.

Events are canceled or postponed. Businesses are reducing hours, laying off employees, and closing. People are facing loss of income and childcare – all this while grappling with the fear of when and where the virus might touch their lives and their loved ones.

But we are not powerless. The cycling community is diverse, widespread, and strong. We are a passionate, motivated group of people ranging from the intrepid commuter to the adventurous kid to the winning Olympian. Millions of us ride trails, bike paths, roads, tracks, parks, trainers, and sidewalks all over the planet.

If we come together, if we channel even a fraction of our love for this sport into supporting our community when we need it most, we will endure this threat.

USA Cycling has provided resources for how you can help support cycling during this tumultuous time. We can show the world that being a cyclist means being part of a community that rallies together in hard times:

How You Can Help: Event Organizers

How You Can Help: Youth Organization

How You Can Help: Local Bike Shops

How You Can Help: Each Other

Content provided by USA Cycling