Emma Grant to ‘Everest’ Mt. Lemmon for No Kid Hungry

Emma Grant (TWENTY20 Pro Cycling) plans to “Everest” Mt. Lemmon on Tuesday to raise funds for No Kid Hungry, an organization aiming to end child hunger in the U.S.

“Everesting” is the goal of riding any route repeatedly until the accumulated elevation climbed is equal to the height of Mt. Everest — 29,030 vertical feet, or 8,848 meters.

With one repetition of Mt. Lemmon topping out at about 6,900 feet of elevation gain (depending on starting location), Grant will need to complete just over four complete summits (and descents) of the route.

Depending on where she starts and ends, each repetition at minimum would total about 30 miles up and 30 miles down, rounding out Grant’s ride to potentially 300 miles, all told.

Grant, one of the top pro cyclists in the U.S., and 213 fellow cyclists are challenging themselves to various rides around the country via the fundraising endurance event Chefs Cycle, which raises money and awareness for No Kid Hungry.

The Chefs Cycle 2020 ride is scheduled to take place June 23-25 with the goal of raising $2 million to provide 20 million meals for children of families facing food scarcity.

Donations to Grant’s ride can be made on her fundraising profile page.

Photo provided by Tour of the Gila