Sweat, tears, grit and determination: finishing the 2015 Absa Cape Epic

Eight days of adventure, wonder, beauty, pain, tears, fierce determination and finishing the hardest most grueling event of a lifetime…Absa Cape Epic.

It didn’t take but a day or two to figure out that the race was not at all a watered-down version of its reputation – the “untamed African mountain bike race” – or the hardest mountain bike stage race in the world.

Being “epic and grueling” sounds romantic and enticing to the adventurer, but once you get into the live moments lasting for hours upon hours you realize that this thing is for real.

There are no words or accounts of mine that can really put into perspective what we went through as it was more than just physical, it was hugely emotional and mental, and more than ever in my life I had to dig deeper inside myself to find that spark that would keep me pushing through, one pedal stroke at a time.

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Melissa Ross