Storm damage temporarily closes South Mountain roads

Popular rides in Phoenix’s South Mountain Park are closed for the second time in two years following a major monsoon season storm.

The road to the towers and to San Juan both closed Tuesday following a monsoon that dumped rain and blew up to 60 mph winds into the city.

“Folks can still drive/bike in about one mile from the front gate to the different trailheads and ramada areas,” South Mountain park ranger Allyson Pacini told Clipped In. “We’ll know more by the end of the week.”

The largest municipal park in the nation, South Mountain is home to epic mountain biking trails and a summit road climb all within a short drive from the Phoenix metro area.

The park closed in September last year following a monsoon that caused major damage to trails and roads, with tons of debris covering the park’s roads. It didn’t reopen until February – about six months after the storm.

But Pancini said Monday night’s storm wasn’t as significant.

“It’s not as bad damage as last year, but they are still assessing since we got hit twice in two nights,” Pancini said.

Tuesday’s weather is predicted to remain quiet, but the chance of rain increases for Wednesday.

To keep up to date, watch for news on Clipped In or check Phoenix’s city website for South Mountain.

Sarah Muench