6 Woodruff post-ups you missed at Whiskey

Prescott’s Chloe Woodruff (Stan’s No Tubes/Niner Bikes/Clif Bar) already is used to occupying the top spot of the podium, and on Sunday, the cross-country mountain bike racer repeated her Whiskey Off-Road win for the second consecutive year.

Woodruff had enough time between the final turn for several post ups:

Prescott has an Old West feel…when in Rome…


Put the whiskey in Whiskey Off-Road.


Lasso in the win! (This also comes in handy if your competition creeps up on you.)


Show everyone the jackalopes you found on the trail and put in your jersey pocket.


Even your competition’s fans will love you if you cross the line with puppies and kittens.


You really have to make sure the wind is blowing just right to pull this off.