Top 9 makeshift team names at elite track nationals

Track racers are about as creative as mountain bikers when it comes to cobbling together teams last minute.

Track national championships are no different; when the velodrome’s announcer is forced to call out “Mystery Team ???” and “Lenita’s Meat Train,” audience members begin to rally behind them or at least look at them in a new light.

Here are the top nine makeshift team names from USA Cycling Juniors and Elite Track National Championships:

1. Lenita’s Meat Train (pictured in main photo practicing for the team pursuit)

2. Just Make Up a Name

3. Kimzilla & Gator

4. Team Oreos

5. Its [sic] Raining Men

6. Brian & Kirk’s Kidz

7. Twisted Misters

8. San Diego

9. Power Bottoms