Fleming Wealth Strategies

Website: http://www.undergroundcrit.com/team-fws/

Email: undergroundcrit@yahoo.com


Fleming Wealth Strategies (www.flemingwealthstrategies.com) is a CLUB team made up of about 75 cyclists. The majority of the riders are casual cyclists that enjoy doing group rides and charity rides throughout the year. Between 2012-2014, the team raised well over $30,000 for various charities. The team is also the lead sponsor for the sanctioned race called the “Not So Underground Crit”.

We are a neutral team that encourage riders to do any ride they want and have fun on the bike and try to grow the sport. We do encourage our riders and UC riders to support the sponsors on this undergroundcrit.com website since these sponsors truly believe in the sport of cycling and want to grow it as much as possible.

Within the club team, there are about 15 riders that do race, most of which are extremely strong. If I can pull these racers away from drinking beer, eating cookies, and actually get them to show up to a race, they usually will win so don’t be surprised when a rider wearing blue and white actually pedals by you on the last lap.

Oh yea, and if you ask them to lead you out even though you are on another team, they most likely will do that for a 6 pack of beer or some chocolate milk. Maybe I should not be telling these secrets.

Fleming Wealth Strategies is looking for more club members, charity riders and cat 3-5 racers for its upcoming season. If you are extremely serious about racing, like to compete nationally, like having everything paid for, sponsors taking you to dinner, and are so focused, you want complete silence while warming up for a race, you are probably not a good fit. If you are under the Fleming tent eating your second hot dog, and about to grab your 3rd one and someone tells you that your race just started and you just keep eating, then you are probably a good fit.