Riders look for podium spots in cross finals

The Arizona Cyclocross series is all but over Saturday when riders will look for podium glory in close races as well as landslide victories.

The men’s open, previously thought to be in the bag for Kyle Reedy (Jetset Racing), could be in jeopardy by a slim margin with double points up for grabs.

Kyle Trudeau (UA Cycling) is only 19 points behind Reedy. A win would score Trudeau 24 points, and if Reedy gets ninth place or lower, he would relinquish the top spot.

A similar competition is happening with the men’s 3/4 category between Weston Rasmussen (unattached) and Joshua Johnston (unattached).

Teammates Brandon McNulty and Brendan Bengston from Landis/Trek are only separated by three points in junior men with McNulty having the advantage.

Daisy Ward (unattached) and Jordan Hunter (Two Wheel Jones) are dead even for the junior women with 18 points apiece.

Kimberly Lucie (unattached) could coast to two series championships with a box of donuts if she wanted. She has a commanding lead of 59 points in the women’s open and a similar advantage in the women’s 3/4.

Riders will have a chance to win the state championship in a winner-takes-all race on Sunday.

Series standings

Sarah Muench