Product review: Limar sunglasses give ‘excellent optics, great price’

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with sunglasses.

I love that they protect my eyes from dirt and rocks getting thrown into them when I’m ripping down a trail, but I hate that they make everything look dark and often give me a headache.Regina Jefferies Limar sunglasses

I snagged a pair of Limar F60 sunglasses at Interbike and put them through the wringer over the past three months. They climbed Mt. Lemmon in what started as a sunny 70-degree day and ended in a sideways-rain, sub-freezing slog. They held tight around the tracks at the Mesa Bike Park.

An Italian company, Limar has produced high-quality cycling helmets for nearly 30 years. They sell a line of cycling eyewear and have expanded into snow sport helmets and goggles.

The F60s fall into Limar’s low-price polycarbonate frames with non-interchangeable lenses, retailing for $39.95.

The F60s are solidly constructed, with a rubber nose pad and pads on the arm pieces for increased comfort. Though the F60s look burly, they are surprisingly lightweight. I was a bit concerned that the arm pieces might fit too snugly on my head and give me a headache, but they seemed to have just enough flex that I never got that feeling, even after three or four hours of riding.

The first thing I noticed when I slipped on the F60s was the lens quality. The optics on these glasses are great and don’t make you feel like you’re inside a permanent shadow.

At the same time, you could probably use them to stare directly at the sun in an eclipse and be fine (though our legal team says not to recommend that). And, after a lot of weeks of banging around in my cycling bag, the lenses were pretty impervious to scratching.

The only real complaints I had were with the F60s’ bulkier arm pieces, which don’t fit easily into helmet holes when you’re trying to get coffee, and with some lens fogging when faced with freezing temps at the top of Mt. Lemmon.

Bottom line, the Limar F60s are solidly constructed, lightweight glasses with excellent optics at a great price point.

We give them four out of five stars.

Regina Jefferies