Nominations open for ABRA board of directors

Five positions on the board of USA Cycling’s local association for Arizona are up for grabs.

The Arizona Bicycle Racing Association, which oversees USA Cycling-sanctioned road, cyclocross and track races in the state and determines its race calendar, is taking nominations for candidates until Sept. 11. 

“The nominations and voting are important because it’s the clubs’ chance to shape the future of racing in Arizona,” current ABRA vice president Joey Iuliano said. He said he plans to run again for the board.

How the election works

Every two years, ABRA member teams from around the state vote for the candidates to determine the board. Every member team gets five votes, one for each board position. The board makes critical decisions on budget, the yearly race calendar and growing the sport of cycling.

But first, the board solicits nominations for the board positions. Only one candidate from each team is allowed, and the candidates may run for the general board, not specific positions.

Colavito moves on

Melanie Colavito, the current ABRA president, said she plans on stepping down at the end of her term this year to focus on her career and family. Colavito said she hasn’t been able to race her bike for four years due to an elbow injury that left her with a prosthetic joint.

“I have really enjoyed my time on the board and giving back to the sport I love so much,” Colavito said. “It was a great learning experience, and my fellow board members have been fantastic. I think we were a pretty solid group, and we got a lot of good work done.”

How to run

Any cyclist on a team associated with ABRA may nominate themselves.

Colavito said it’s important to have diverse representation on the ABRA board to make sure different interests are represented as well as people with experience racing and promoting races.

“It’s a great opportunity to give back to the sport and learn about how things work on the organizational side,” Colavito said.

Nominations should include a brief bio and a statement about why the candidate wants to serve on the ABRA board of directors. They are due on Sept. 11 to Colavito via email at

Sarah Muench