West Valley Cycle – Saturday ride

Day: Sunday

Distance: 35

Website: http://westvalleycycle.net/index.html

Email: david.Herzog@aspect.com

Phone: 949-212-4000


Our route has open roads, good climbs, two water/store stops, non congested roads, and few traffic lights to contend with.

Average 70 to 140+ riders every Saturday; groups are formed. Riders from all over the Valley come to WVC. We have an A-Group (average 21-26 mph), mid-tempo B-Group, and a LifeTime Fitness sponsored C-Group.  We welcome all new riders and try to make sure no one gets left behind.

Twice we re-group: One in Estrella (Elliot Market, 1 hour and 15 minutes from the start) and the second in Verrado (an hour later).  There are six sprints points for the A-Group along our 60-mile route, with bragging rights on our weekly email distribution.

Much thanks to the riders pulling and giving it their all!

Our mission is to build fitness, camaraderie, pull for each other, make a new friend and get in a few laughs between our hammer fests.

WEST VALLEY CYCLE is a fun, training, group ride!  No permits, no insurance, no dues.

> YOU ARE RIDING @ YOUR OWN RISK.    and… no “road attitudes”!  🙂

Link To WVC Saturday Route: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1478786585

Check WVC website for times.


Life Time Fitness, West McDowell Road, Goodyear, AZ, United States