East Valley Unsanctioned Crit

Day: Monday


*First and last Thursday of every month*

The East Valley Unsanctioned Crit (EVUC) is a fun neighborhood group ride.  No permits, no insurance, and you are riding at your own risk! If you crash, no one is picking up your medical bills but you! If you don’t like the sound of that, you do not have to ride! Completely informally and very unofficially brought to you by Bike Accident Attorneys and Two Wheel Jones. There is an A group and B group portion as well as strict rules (see below). Cyclists should begin gathering around 6:00-6:15pm. Race pace A Group is at 7:00pm. Parking is anywhere in the nearby business parking lots.


For now the East Valley Unsanctioned Crit is a 3/4 of a mile loop. It is located right off the 202 ad Gilbert road where the old Focus Crit was held. An address is: 2055 S Stearman Dr, Chandler, AZ 85286. It is possible that an occasional car may decide to drive by – so watch out for cars. There are stop signs. Ignore them at your own risk and check for cars. Don’t be that guy. Parking is available in many of the adjacent business parking lots; please do not park on the course. For more info including the rules, etc. visit our website at: https://www.bikeaccidentattorneys.com/eastvalleyunsanction…/

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