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Trade Zone Training Series, Week 1

February 25

Welcome to the 2023 Trade Zone Training Series, sponsored by Cycle for Life Inc. and hosted by BIKE DOCTOR RACING.  Trade Zone offers athletes a chance to race in a safe environment during the winter months.  This will prepare you in an exciting way for the season ahead, and is a great opportunity to practice those much-needed bike handling skills that you can't develop just racing on Zwift.  Trade Zone is a 1.4 mile circuit in a business park, centrally located in Prince George's County just north of Upper Marlboro.

What's the entry fee?

BIKE DOCTOR wants to make this race very accessible to MABRA athletes, so we are charging just $28 for your first entry.  The entry fee includes the BikeReg service charge.  This means that no separate BikeReg charge is assessed at checkout, and also that if we need to issue a refund, you will not be out the BikeReg charge for a cancelled race.  The entry fee for Trade Zone is significantly lower what you will find for most races in MABRA or maybe anywhere else in the country.  In addition, Bike Doctor is offering discounted additional entries at $17.50 when they are purchased in the same BikeReg shopping cart.

What's the course like?

The course is 1.4 miles long and has 3 corners, all of which are very easy, sweeping turns (see course map, below).  The road is wide and the pavement is fantastic.  This is as safe a course as you will ever see.  However, bike racing is an inherently dangerous sport, so be mindful of your front wheel and of not cutting off riders as you try to move up.

Is this a Criterium?

It is NOT a Criterium.  It is a Circuit Race.  There is no free lap rule, and there will be no pit.

How many weeks does the series run?

The series runs for 4 weeks.  The dates of the series are Feb. 25th, March 4th, March 11th and March 18th.

How will registration work?

All registration will be conducted only through BikeReg.  CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED for race day entry!  You should complete your registration on BikeReg before getting in line to check in, and you must present your registration confirmation from BikeReg and your USA Cycling racing license (unless you are a beginner and racing as a 1-Day license) in order to be issued a bib.  Registration will be open for each category until 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the race.  After that you will have to wait until next week.

Are there prizes, podiums, and/or results?

This is a low-key event.  Our goal is to keep the entry fee low and affordable, so we will not be offering prizes or doing podiums.  However, results will be generated and posted at the race, and will be uploaded to USA Cycling in a timely manner each week.   

What if it rains or snows?

If it snows that is a no-brainer; the race will be cancelled.  In case of rain, we are not going to risk rider safety in the winter when the cold makes everything slicker.  So if we have any snow at all, or significant rain before racing commences, we will cancel.  If rain or snow begin while racing is in progress, the Chief Referee will make the judgment as to whether or not we can continue racing. 

Will there be makeup dates?

No.  If we have to cancel a race we will just move on to the next week as scheduled.  Per the note above re entry fees, you will receive a full refund of your entry fee plus the BikeReg service charge for a cancelled race.

Why are the races on Saturdays?

There is a church in the office park, and we did not want to risk any conflct between the race and motor vehicle traffic arriving for or leaving from any type of church service.  The idea is that since this is really just the begining of your season, you could come to the park early and start your "Long Ride" for the week and then possbily throw a race near the end of your ride.  Think of it in terms of gaining fitness, vs. winning at all costs. 

I have raced Greenbelt Park, which is similar in structure to Trade Zone.  Do I have to return my number after my race?

You do NOT need to return your number.  We will have a new set of numbers each week. 

What does the course look like?



February 25
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1049 Prince George’s Blvd., Upper Marlboro, MD, 20774 – Venue
1049 Prince George's Blvd., Upper Marlboro, MD, 20774 United States + Google Map