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Tour Da Yoop, Eh™: Loop Da Yoop

10/31/2021 - 10/30/2022


We started Tour Da Yoop, Eh to raise awareness of the tremendously safe road biking opportunities in the Upper Peninsula. We saw bikers travel the busiest highways instead of the quiet rural roads. They just didn’t know where to go.

The 1,200 mile annual journey around the UP was the megaphone. Seeing lots of bikers safely ride loops around small towns and communities was always the goal. Loop Da Yoop gives you all you need to succeed in discovering those amazing off beaten bike paths.

The routes range from 20 miles to over a century. There’s something for everyone. Even if 100 miles is more than you want to ride, the routes show you where to go explore by bike. Just ride out for as long as you want, turn around and head back. In the UP, in-and-outs are just as exciting as loops, as you always see different things on the way back.

Why wear the jersey? TDY is all about awareness and bike safety. The jerseys are the flags that say we are a biking community that cares and appreciates all the effort that people in the UP do to keep bikers safe. We encourage people to wear the jerseys as a symbol of bike awareness and safety. Take pics, share them on social media, show the world!

Registration is simple. For only $150 you get the awesome jersey and all the routes. How long do you have the routes? Forever! Download them and they are yours!


There are no refunds.

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