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Tour Da Yoop, Eh™: BiKE UP

10/31/2021 - 10/30/2022


These are 6 (or 7) separate bike routes. On a map, they spell “BiKE UP.” “B” is the longest route coming in at 168 miles. If that’s too long of a day for you, just split it into two days. “i” is the shortest route coming in at 37 miles one way or 74 miles round trip. Most of the routes are road bike worthy. Some have gravel. Some you will most likely want a gravel or mountain bike. But, hey! this is the UP—where all kinds of adventures await!

The more of us that ride BiKE UP, the more the world sees what an awesome place the UP is to ride. There were only 18 vehicle-bike accidents in the UP in 2020. Compare that to nearly 1,300 in lower Michigan. The UP is a road biking paradise. When you ride it, you realize it. We just have to show people where to go. If we can get more people biking in the safety of the UP, we’ll have fewer people getting injured or worse in accidents.

This is a much different trip than Tour Da Yoop, Eh’s 1,200 mile adventure. BiKE UP lets you explore the interior of the UP with tons of fun challenges. This is a self-supported event. Grab your best biking friends and do your bike training in the UP. Put your stuff on Strava and show the world what an awesome and safe place the UP is for biking.

Registration is simple. For $150, you get the fantastic BiKE UP awareness jersey and all the route information you need to succeed!



There is a $50 processing fee for all refunds given.
No exchanges on any jerseys.