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QCW Cycling 2022 Registration

January 6 - December 30


Sponsorship and Donations:

Donations and funds are used to sponsor the club's mission of improving the competitiveness of cyclists in the Philadelphia area and encouraging all of its members to assist with club functions and activities.  QCW Cycling's mission focuses on fostering development in riders of all ages through skill clinics, mentorship, and partnership with other local/national cycling organizations. QCW Cycling utilizes the combined skills and resources of its members to collectively develop their abilities as competitive cyclists.


Membership in QCW Cycling is open to riders of all racing categories, age groups, and gender. We field different racing teams based upon racing category and age groups. Whether members are elite racers, with years of tactical knowledge and experience under their belt, or rote beginners, QCW Cycling provides resources to help its riders grow, compete, and win.

Special Instructions for Annual Membership:

  1. When joining for the first time or renewing your annual membership, please check off the online waiver agreement at the bottom of the page.


January 6
December 31
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