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MASS 2022 Series Registration

April 1 - October 29

The 2022 Mid Atlantic Super Series consists of 3 seperate individual and team competitions in 3 seperate forms of mountain bike racing – Cross Country, Endurance and Enduro series. 

E-Bikes – unless otherwise posted e-bikes are not permitted to race any MASS races.

2022 MASS race schedule can be found by clicking HERE to go to the MASS website

Important note – Your Racing Age is determined by your age on December 31st of the current year.  To explain –  for classes like U19 (Under 19) the racer CANNOT turn 19 in the current race year.  Same for U15 (Under 15), the racer CANNOT turn 15 in the current year. Parents – please take note of this when registering your juniors for the races.

The MASS website contains the important details about how we run the series. Topics such as the General Rules, Upgrade Rules and XC Payouts can be found at


MASS registered racers are competing for end-of-season champions jerseys and individual and team awards in the XC and Endurance races. In order to be entered into the MASS series competitions participants must register for the series here and be assigned a series plate number.  Series Registration is a requirement for the series and we will continue to use permanent series number plates with timing chips in them for XC and multi-lap Endurance races.

IMPORTANT – You must register yourself for the series and each race using YOUR BikeReg profile. We cannot have team directors register their team riders all at once because that will cause a major scoring problem. This is because when you create your BikeReg profile there is a unique Racer ID number associated with you and your profile. You do not see this number but it is downloaded for series registration and for each race registration and it is what allows the scoring system to recognize you and assign you your series plate for each race as well as score you properly when race results are imported into our scoring system. One comment for parents that register themselves as well as their children. This can be done, there is a way to have multiple racers in your BikeReg profile. Contact tech support at BikeReg for details. When you register for each race on BikeReg make sure you use your BikeReg profile and do not register as a “guest” or you will not be assigned your series plate and that will cause all kinds of problems.

Series Registration is not required to participate in any MASS races. This registration DOES NOT register you for any of the races. This registration DOES register you for the MASS series of competions – XC, Endurance & Enduro

Series plate. As is the past this is the basis for all scoring for most races (all XC races). If you do not race with your series plate you will not be scored properly at the race and you will not be scored properly for the series. Do not forget your series plate. If you do forget it or lose it you must let us know BEFORE you race with a non-series plate or you will not be scored for the series. Some Endurance and Enduro races will not use series plates.

Team Topics. The only way to earn series points for your team is to be registered for the series and have your team director add you to your team when they do their team registration. Team registration will be done by team directors requesting an access code to be able to login to the MASS Team Registration site and assign team members. It is that registration process that ties you to the team scoring. We do recommend you include your team name in your BikeReg profile so that team name shows up in your results on-line but that team name has nothing to do with getting the points for your team. If you register for a race at the race your team name will not be entered into the timing system because there is not enough time to do that. That means your team name will not show in the on-line results. You will however still earn your team points as long as you raced with your series plate. Check the MASS website for the latest information. 

MASS races do not require a USAC license for any classes.

This MASS series registration is seperate from individual race registration.  Any questions please contact support@masuperseries.comVisit www.masuperseries.com for more information.  There are no refunds for any reason.


April 1
October 30
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