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Bronco Motors Sawtooth 200 & 100

June 3

Click here for full details such as detailed maps, photos, and videos.

What is the Sawtooth?

Many rides, one finish. Choose your adventure!

While we all love to ride our bikes, everyone is different. The Sawtooth 200 provides the
opportunity to choose the adventure that works best for you. Be it a relay team that offers the
camaraderie of your closest cycling buddies working together as a group, the full distance in
the unprecedented Sawtooth Uncut version, or the solo effort of laying it out there on your
own for the 100 mile TT, you won’t be disappointed. No matter what you choose, the day ends
with a great party and stories at the finish line in Ketchum.

Sawtooth Relays

The original. The relay dates back to the beginning of the event and is what the Sawtooth is most
famous for. It is the same challenging and scenic course as from the event’s beginning, but you can
divide and conquer it however you like. There are two course distances: the 180 mile that offers 2,
4 or 6 member teams and the 100 mile for 2 person teams. On the 180 route there are 10 segments of
varying topography and you are free to put any number of riders on course (see rules). The 100
mile route consists of the last 5 segments of the 180 mile route. The strategy and possibilities are
almost endless!

Sawtooth Uncut

One of the most epic rides you will ever experience. Brought by popular demand, the Uncut is the
newest addition to the Sawtooth. Take on the entire 180 mile course and conquer one of the greatest!
This mass start ride is reserved for only a select
group. 2022 saw only 27% of riders finish. Are you up to the challenge? Looking for redemption? If
you want bragging rights by making it to the finish, sign up early to claim a spot!

Sawtooth TT

This is for the hardcore of the hardcore. Take on the 100 mile course on your own in time trial
fashion. It’s that simple, and that hard!


“Thanks for a great event. Super challenging course. Can’t wait to do it again… The people
were so awesome to my wife who was supporting me. She couldn’t stop talking about all the
amazing people that she met and supported her supporting me. Great culture. Great event.
Thanks again.”

Bryan Johnson – Finisher of innaugural Sawtooth Uncut

“This ride is literally LOTOJA’s big brother. There, I said it, no take-backs.”

Taylor Dame – Finisher of multiple Sawtooth Relays and
multiple LOTOJAs, looking to settle the score with Sawtooth Uncut

“It’s the sort of event that weaves cyclists together. At the end of the day, there
are at least 3 other people on the planet who have experienced the same rushes,
challenges and euphoria that you will now attempt to communicate to your family
(albeit unsuccessfully) for at least the next week. It’s like being part of a secret
club – suddenly you all have something in common that was so awesome and inspiring
to be part of; you just know it will stay with you for a long time to come.”

Fairlee Frey – Past winner of Women’s Sawtooth Relay

“It is one of my favorite days of the year! I just like hammering across the
state with my good friends.”

Henry Harper – Finisher of every single Sawtooth Relay (16 and

“The Sawtooth is like my favorite thing to do all year… Having teams of
different ability levels on a level playing field is really cool.”

Andrew Harris – Past winner of Sawtooth Relay

Registration Notes:

New this year: team members register individually. No more having to wait until everyone
gets their info together and then having one person enter it all in and pay for the whole
Just make sure to enter the correct team name when you register.


After May 3rd, you may defer your entry to next year, but sorry, no refunds will be issued after
this date. Defered entries are non-transferrable.


Have a detailed look at all the Sawtooth Routes on RideWithGPS

Click here for full details

Sawtooth Full – Boise to Sun Valley



  • Uncut – Solo mass start
  • 2 Person teams
  • 4 Person teams
  • 6 Person teams


  • Robie Creek
  • Idaho City
  • Mores Creek Summit
  • Lowman
  • Grandjean
  • Banner Creek Summit
  • Stanley
  • Frenchman Creek
  • Galena Lodge

Sawtooth 100 – Grandjean to Sun Valley


  • 2 Person teams
  • Solos


  • Banner Creek Summit
  • Stanley
  • Frenchman Creek
  • Galena Lodge



Results are available here.


Sawtooth Full & Sawtooth 100 Team results are broken out by # of riders (2, 4, or 6) and include
time bonuses.

Solo results are broken out by Men and Women, no time bonuses.

Relay Time Bonuses

Each team is awarded time bonuses and handicaps to make the relay races more

BonusSawtooth 100Sawtooth Full
Road Category
(1 to 5)
For each rider:

  • 2.5 minute bonus for each category > 3
  • 2.5 minute handicap for each category < 3

Riders who have never raced are considered Category 5.

For each rider:

  • 5 minute bonus for each category > 3
  • 5 minute handicap for each category < 3

Riders who have never raced are considered Category 5.

Gender10 minute bonus for each woman20 minute bonus for each woman
  • 5 minute bonus if average age > 40
  • 10 minute bonus if average age > 50
  • 15 minute bonus if average age > 60
  • 20 minute bonus if average age > 70
  • 10 minute bonus if average age > 40
  • 20 minute bonus if average age > 50
  • 30 minute bonus if average age > 60
  • 40 minute bonus if average age > 70
Weight 15 minute bonus if average weight > 185 30 minute bonus if average weight > 185


These rules help to provide a safe and fair event for everyone. They also allow us to be
invited back in future years. Remember, we are riding on open roads, and we are guests.


  • Only one vehicle per team at each transition.
  • No warming up on the course. We are sharing open roads. Bring a stationary
    trainer or rollers.


  • Drafting is allowed/encouraged among riders of the same team.
  • Drafting is not allowed between different teams.
  • Be ready to fix your own mechanical issues.
  • Numbers – Attach your seat post number to the bike that you will cross the finish
    line with.


  • Due to limited space at each transition:

    • Only one vehicle per team at each transition.
    • Please limit the length of your support rigs. If you use a motor
      home, we ask that you not also have a trailer.
  • Do not follow your riders, drive from one transition to the next.
  • Drive safely at all times.

Course-specific rules

  • Sawtooth Full

    • Only 1 rider per team allowed for segment #2 from Robie Creek to
      Idaho City. 2-person teams where both riders are
      going the full distance can ride this section, but not side by side.
    • Each rider must complete at least 2 segments, excluding the last
    • Each rider can complete a maximum of 4 segments, excluding the last
      segment. 2-person teams can ride as many segments as they wish.
    • A maximum of 3 riders can be on course, except for the last segment,
      where all team members can ride.
  • Sawtooth 100

    • Please be extra cautious when riding through transition areas, there
      may be many team transitions happening around you.


  • There are porta-potties and/or bathrooms at every transition. Use them.
  • Not using them could cost you up to $500 in fines, and may prevent us from
    getting permits to continue the Sawtooth 200 in the future.

Cutoff Times

  • Anyone leaving Stanley after 4pm will not receive an official time.


The route from Boise to Sun Valley is one of the most scenic in the country, and you can take in
every mile of it from your bike saddle. Given the roads we travel on, we need to keep everyone
safe and the local residents happy. It is our goal to continue the event long into the future,
and to do that, we need your help in following the rules.

Uncut Start

  • Riders start at Barclay Bay at 5:45am.
  • Neutral rollout along Lucky Peak Dam Rd, and a half mile up Hwy 21.
  • Official start is just after the flashing traffic sign, approximately mile 11.75 on Hwy 21.
  • For the first 3.9 miles (the top of the first climb), riders may use the right traffic lane
    in addition to the shoulder.
  • From the top of this first climb to the finish line, riders should be as far to the right as
    possible, riding single file, unless actively passing another rider.

Uncut Rider Rules

  • Road bikes only, no aero-bars (mass start).
  • Riders should be as far to the right as possible, riding single file, unless actively
    passing another rider.
  • Drafting, pacelining, and passing are allowed.
  • Riding double-file is not allowed.
  • Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification, and may result in the
    Sawtooth not being able to renew it’s permit.

Uncut Aid Stations

The Sawtooth will provide four aid stations along the way, allowing riders without any additional
support to complete the route.

In order to minimize time at aid stations and to ensure that everyone gets exactly what they
want, Uncut Riders will be provided with two baskets to put whatever they want into. The first
basket will be at Aid Stations 1 and 3, while the second basket will be at Aid Stations 2 and 4.
We would recommend: 2 bottles with your favorite drink along with your favorite riding foods.
If you leave bottles in the basket after aid stations 1 and 2, we’ll fill them for you with

  • Aid Station 1 at Transition #3, Mores Creek Summit, 42 miles from the start.
  • Aid Station 2 at Transition #5, Grandjean, 41 miles from the last aid station.
  • Aid Station 3 at Transition #7, Stanley, 38 miles from the last aid station.
  • Aid Station 4 at Transition #8, Frenchman Creek, 25 miles from the last aid station.

Uncut Support Crew Rules

While additional support is not necessary, we realize that people often want their own
support. There are a few extra rules for Uncut support:

  • Support vehicles must depart Barclay Bay by 5:40am at the latest, so that they are ahead of the cyclists until Idaho City.
  • The first Transition station that crews can offer support is Transition #2, Idaho City.
  • Support crews can only offer support at Transition stations, not between them.


180 Uncut2022Mark Yoder16.2811:03:29
180 2-person Team2019Mercedes
Kai Applequist and Jeremy Ward
180 4-person Team2015 Mercedes
Kai Applequist, Josh Howard,
Elliot Salmon, and Jeremy Ward
180 6-person Team2021Tobi-Wan Luxe Reel
Xavier Beckham, Toby Bingham, Eric Denning,
Don Larson, and Tiffany Larson
100 Solo Men2019Guy Crawford22.684:24:35
100 Solo Women2019Jenn Halladay20.674:50:17
100 2-person Team2018 Team Bob’s
Justin Rose and Allan Schroeder

Records are based on average speed, not time, to account for slight difference in the course over


January 8th Registration opens <!– Bikereg –>
May 31st, 5pm Mountain Time Registration closes <!– Bikereg –>
June 1st, Thursday 4pm to 6pmPacket Pickup George’s Cycles
5515 W. State Street
Boise, ID 83703
June 2nd, Friday 4pm to 6pmPacket Pickup George’s Cycles
312 S. 3rd Street
Boise, ID 83702
June 3rd, Saturday 5:45am to 9am180 Mile Start Barclay Bay
Boise, ID 83706
June 3rd, Saturday 10am to 11am100 Mile Start Mile Marker 91
Highway 21
Grandjean, ID 83637
June 3rd, Saturday 2:30pm to 7pmFinish Highway 75
1/4 mile north of Saddle Rd
Ketchum, ID 83340
June 3rd, Saturday 2:30pm to 7pmParty / Festival Rotary Park
1177 Warm Springs Rd
Ketchum, ID 83340


When does registration open?
January 8th, 2023
What is the date of the 2023 Sawtooth?
June 3rd, 2023


What about Covid-19 Precautions?
It is our sincere hope that by June the COVID-19 pandemic will be under control
in a way that we can safely hold the Sawtooth 200. First and foremost is the
safety of all participants and staff. The Sawtooth 200 will follow any state
guidelines at the date of the race so we ask that all participants please be
prepared to act in accordance with these guidelines. This may include wearing masks
at any gathering areas such as packet pickup, the start, transition areas and staying
socially distanced. The Sawtooth 200 will also provide hand sanitizers and signage to
encourage safe practices. Event safety guidelines will be finalized and posted in our
event rules section within the month before the event. If we all cooperate and act with
respect we can do this!


Where is the start for the 180 mile route?
Barclay Bay
Boise, ID 83706
Where is the start for the 100 mile route?
Mile Marker 91
Highway 21
Grandjean, ID 83637
How many people can I have on my team?
  • 2 for the Sawtooth 100
  • 2, 4, or 6 for the Sawtooth Full
How many team members can ride at once?
  • 1 for Sawtooth Full Stage #2 from Robie Creek to Idaho City, except for 2-person
    teams where both are going the full distance.
  • 3 for all other segments except the last segment
  • Everyone can ride the last segment from Galena Lodge to the finish
How many transitions points?
  • Sawtooth Full has 9 transition points and 10 segments
  • Sawtooth 100 has 4 transition points and 5 segments
Are there bathrooms on course?
Yes, there are bathrooms or porta-potties at the start, finish, and every
What about aid stations?
  • For the Sawtooth Uncut, there are 4 aid stations where riders provide what they want
    before the race and we shuttle it to the aid stations. The basic idea is that there
    will be enough support that you can complete the route and be at no disadvantage to
    another rider who has their own support.
  • For the Sawtooth 100 riders, who often do the event w/o support, we have a
    fully-stocked aid station at the Stanley transition.
  • For the Sawtooth Full relay riders, it is expected that you have all the support
    you need in your vehicles, but of course if you run into an emergency
    (like no more water), stop in at the Stanley transition to top off.
How many team vehicles are allowed?
As many as you like, but only 1 in the transition area at once.
Does the team have to finish together?
No, time is taken on the first rider across the finish line.
What type of bikes are allowed?
Anything without a motor. No e-bikes.
Will I get cell phone coverage?
It’s best to assume that once you leave Boise, you won’t get service until the
except for a bit in Stanley. Plan accordingly 🙂


Where should I stay after the race?
Book at either the Hotel

or Tamarack
. If you call,
mention Sawtooth 200. Book soon, as these discounts are first-come first-serve.



Where should I stay after the race?
Call the Limelight Hotel Ketchum
at 888.218.3282 and mention “The Sawtooth 200 Bike Race”. Book soon, as the great discounts decrease
the closer we get to the event.


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June 3
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