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Belgian Waffle Ride – Quadrupel Crown of Gravel – 4 Waffle events!

April 29 - October 22


Welkom to the most unique cycling event in the U.S., the Belgian Waffle Ride, affectionately known as the BWR. This is its 12th anniversary and we have a revised, dirtier, more entertaining route this year of 135+ miles, more than 50-miles of which are off-road. In 2021, the BWR was the largest gravel race in the US and grew nearly 175% with so many new female competitors joining the fun.


If you want to get technical, it's the only race of its kind that covers as much distance of combined road and off-road sectors through beautiful scenery and terribly challenging terrain. It’s also the largest event of its kind by a country mile. The BWR is the premier and hardest race, too, and the most unique one-day cycling event in the country, because everyone says it is. But, it's sometimes 212-or 240-kilometers of suffering over sinuous, bone grinding roads, sandy trails and single-tracks fraught with rocks, arduous climbs, mud, cacti, water crossings, choking dust, in head-swelling heat fought against the wind (always a headwind) make it so. And yet, we like to think it's special because the BWR can be a metaphor for something much bigger…

The literal BWR starts out as a celebration (with waffles) and the promise of greatness to follow (riding bikes is great), which includes Belgian ale at the end. But the journey really begins the day one registers to take it on. Once committed, there is indeed greatness and excitement, but there are also ups and downs with pandemics, injuries, life challenges, mechanicals and whatnot. Things we sometimes don’t wager on. While there may be a plan for training, and there certainly is a course to navigate, there is no proverbial road map on how to survive when things go sideways. The BWR offers an extreme event for the best among us, but also a simple, back-to-the-basics challenge that makes it irresistible to some… though frightening to onlookers. Still, others find some deeper meaning attached to the journey. It’s transcendent. And then, there is the finish. The elation. The joy. The reconnecting with loved ones and the celebration of the BWR experience… memories that sustain. The metaphor can take on the parallels of our life experiences. If we heed the lessons that our training imparts, we stand to gain many advantages for life in general. There are a number of edifying and entertaining nuggets that can be gleaned from this pursuit. The reality is the road is going to go up and down and things can get a bit dirty along the way, literally and metaphorically. Our work to get ready for such a challenge carries with it a parallel to our life. No matter who we are, we're all confronted with trails and stipulations, trials and tribulations, the joys and heartbreaks, setbacks and setups – all in the span of 7- or 15-hours, or something in between. Sectors in the BWR can serve as a reminder that some things aren't as bad as we thought, and others are unexpectedly hard; like life. Like a test, a presentation, a graduation, a ceremony, the BWR is just a punctuating moment on the calendar, an affirmation of where we are right at that instant. It's a reflection of our current standing and stability in our growth as athletes, as humans.The BWR suggests a lot about our character, but does not represent it completely. It does, however, provide us an annual North Star to orient our day-to-day lives around. It's pursuit, always lingering in the back of our minds, offers an opportunity for getting in touch with our higher selves (or our inner chipmunk). The testing of limits we approach along the journey open us up to personal growth, the transcendence of doubt and ascendance to something which at times appears out of reach, much like the Muur Van Dubbelberg. In this regard, the training is as important to our existence as it is to surviving or thriving in the BWR.

The finish line can bring all sorts of surprises. For many, there is the elation of making it back all on their own. Others find extra joy in racing the whole thing, never flatting and finishing higher up the standings than they thought possible. Still, others finish with the same sense of peace and joy they started with. No matter, all rouleurs roll home with a great thirst for the BWR BADASS Ale only finishers get to imbibe (or keep as a trophy).Finally, whether it is out training or being immersed in the rock garden's nasty teeth, there is inherent happiness that occurs when we're in the state of flow—when no other thoughts enter our mind other than the task at hand (which requires all of our critical thinking). Taking in all of the incredible moments of the event, just as we should in life, can be liberating. Listening to all the wonderful tales that manifest by way of the BWR, it becomes obvious that there is an internal peace to be found within the arc of the event, from registration to the finish line libations and sensations. The actuation of our inner spirit animal is what can make this thing so damn rad… there's a majesty to reaching, aspiring and growing that is hard to achieve without a prism through which (like the BWR) it can be brought to life. We'd like the BWR to always be more than a day's journey through the Hell of the West and, instead, resemble the apprenticeship of self-awareness, where the awareness gives way to more awareness, and more BWR BADASS Ale.

The BWR, it's a virtuous cycle and (bicycle) celebration; a metaphor for life



Waffle Finishers will receive :


750ml Lost Abbey BWR BADASS Ale (trophy)

Bragging rights

All Registrants will receive:

• BWR swag bag that contains many important items

• Race Number and RFID Tag (for official finishing time)

• BWR top tube Course Sector sticker (so you know what’s coming up)

• BWR t-shirt

• Wrist Band, which that gets you:

• Pre-Race Waffles and coffee

• Beer Ticket from the Lost Abbey

• Post-Race Food Feast

  • One free year of the "Outside Cycling Bundle"—access to all membership content at velonews.com and a free print/digital subscription to Peloton magazine.

For more event information please visit  Belgian Waffle Ride 

Most all questions can be answered in the FAQ section 

For all information on becoming a sponsor/partner or for exhibiting in the expo please contsact Jim Miller: jim@monumentsofcycling.com

For all information on how to Survive the BWR and for camps visit the Source Endurance site.

*No Transfers or Deferrals unless event postponement


April 29
October 23
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