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February 18 - November 18

AMBCS Hard Plate Price Increase

Discussion with the riders at our annual meeting was overwhelmingly in favor of increasing the price of hard plates to $20 in 2021. I know as a racer also, that $20 may seem like a hard pill to swallow and I would want to know "What do I get for that $20?" Good question. Let me answer with the broad goal(s) for the price increase followed by what we hope to be able to provide in the near term for a quick ROI on that plate.

Broad Term Goals: These plates are the primary source of revenue for the series and pay for the jerseys, medals, website, etc. We need to raise the price for the plates on riders age 15 and up in order to purchase and make improvements for the series. Those improvements include in order of priority:

1. A Chip Timing System for the Series for 2022. This would be purchased as soon as funds allow. Current projections are that the system would be available in 2022 if we are able to hold (8) races in 2021 at the current levels of racers and membership. The system is estimated to cost $11k above our normal operating expenses. 

The system benefits racer and promoters:

  a. How it benefits Racers:

    i. Faster results – Imagine being able to see your result on line as soon as you cross the finish line.

    ii. Faster check in at races – Imagine after you first get your plate, never having to stand in line again to race, unless you are getting race schwag. Instead, you simply wave your hardplate with RFID tag over a reader to check in.

  b. How it benefits Promoters:

     i. No more paying a timing company to time your events. It’s provided by the AMBCS, saving promoters an estimated $1500 versus paying a timing company (for those that go to that extra effort for their races)

Shorter Term Goals with Faster ROI on the Plate for Racers:

We are working with potential sponsors to try and get racers who have purchased a plate the following, and are also open to any ideas we may be able to leverage:

• Discounted wheels and wheelsets from Spinergy. (Still being pursued. Stay tuned to Facebook for announcements.)

• Discounted coaching. (Still being pursued. Stay tuned to Facebook for announcements.)

• Discounted bike shop pricing. (Still being pursued. Stay tuned to Facebook for announcements.)


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