Grasky Endurance Coaching



As a coach, I take more joy in seeing my athletes meet their goals than my own.  I am a USAT Level II certified coach, and coach athletes privately through written training plans and one-on-one work with technique and form.  My athletes have gone on to World, National, and State Championships in duathlon, triathlon, Ironman, XTERRA, and mountain biking.  I’m also the head coach of both the University of Arizona TriCats, dedicated to furthering the sport at the collegiate level, and of RACE Tucson, our shop team.  My coaching and professional team includes my wife Jill Grasky, a former pro cyclist, personal trainer, and real estate agent; Coach Bill Daniell, an Exercise Scientist who coaches at the intermediate and advanced level;Coach Nathan Dressel who focuses on beginner and intermediate triathletes;  Coach Gail Leveque, top level triathlete who works mostly with beginner and intermediate female athletes, Coach Brandon Nichols, top triathlete and certified sports dietitian, Coach Scott Bennefield, who works mostly with beginners, and Coach Ken Montaney, who specializes in cycling.