2 to Go Video: Masters Men 40+ take on McDowell Mountain Circuit Race

**Make sure to watch in 1080p60**

A stacked field including riders from Athlete Octane, More Foundation, Faster-RPM, Jetset Racing and GST Racing toed the line in today’s Masters Men 40+ heat of the McDowell Mountain Circuit Race.

A daring move with about 4 km to go from Karl Baumgart (Athlete Octane) set the stage for an exciting sprint finish after the final turn.

James Kramer (Faster-RPM) came across first, followed closely by Riley Post and Garron Cadiente (Jetset Racing). Henry Svendblad (Athlete Octane) and Janne Hamalainen (Unattached) rounded out the top five. Matt Berault (More Foundation) notched a strong sixth place finish after his fifth place finish in the 50+ race and was kind enough to take us behind the bars for a couple hot laps.